Rogz Control Multi Lead Small 11mm

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Rogz Control Multi Lead offers improved control and behaviour correction through Stop-Pull steering when used in conjunction with a harness featuring a front chest lead attachment. This multi-function lead doubles as an adjustable fixed lead with versatile functions. Choose your lead length or use as a double lead to walk two dogs.
Stop-Pull Steering: Corrects behaviour by redirecting your dog's body for improved control and obedience.
Adjustable Lead: Adjustable for versatile lead lengths and functions.

To Use: The Control multi Lead can be used with the following Rogz Harnesses:
  • Classic Harness
  • Explore Harness
  • Control Harness
  • Stop-Pull Harness

Length - Small 2,2m


  • Stop-Pull steering,
  • Adjustable lead,
  • Reflective stitching,
  • Waste bag holder,
  • Accessory holder