Dala Big Craft Box - 500 pieces

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The Big Craft Box contains over 500 pieces of craft materials and includes an instruction sheet showing you how to create stunning craft items.

Suitable for ages 6+

Pom poms, chenille stems, wooden craft sticks and pop sticks, glue, scissors, googly eyes, dough, fun foam, paints, brushes, bells, beads, felt and EVA sheets and more!

  • Make Pom Pom Monsters, Finger Puppets, Dough Creatures, Bracelets, Fridge Magnets, Chenille Stem, Pom Pom Animals and more.
  • Use the Colour Wheel and Colour Mixing Chart at the back of the box to create different colours.
  • Polystyrene shape ideas included on the back of the box for inspiration.

Package dimension: 320x380x90mm