Rogz WolfSkin Dog Jersey

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Rogz WolfSkin is a breathable, turtle-neck, soft-knit knit comfy jersey designed to keep your dog extra snug through the cold winter months. Made from Angora, Viscose & Nylon. 

Easy Fit - Stretch knit, Breathable and Washable

Designed for any size dog.

20 - Body length: 20cm, Chest: 28cm, Neck: 20cm -Chihuahua/Teacup Poodle/Yorkie
25 - Body length: 25cm, Chest: 38cm, Neck: 25cm - Yorkie/Maltese/Pom
32 - Body length: 32cm, Chest: 49cm, Neck: 32cm - Poodle/Pug
40 - Body length: 40cm, Chest: 60cm, Neck: 40cm - Spaniel/Terrier/Beagle
45 - Body length: 45cm, Chest: 73cm, Neck: 45cm - English Cocker Spaniel/Beagle
50 - Body length: 50cm, Chest: 79cm, Neck: 50cm - Labrador/Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky
55 - Body length: 55cm, Chest: 85cm, Neck: 55cm - Bouvier/Dalmation/Boxer